The Art
of Crime

Ron Leibman  (Roman Grey)
David Hedison (Parker Sharon)
Jill Clayburgh (Dany)
Eugene Roche (Detective Harry Isadore)
Josť Ferrer (Beckwith Sloan)
Diane Kagan (Hillary Sloan)
Cliff Osmond (Nanoosh Pulneshti)

Original Broadcast :December 3, 1975 - NBC

Director: Richard Irving
Teleplay: Bill Davidson
Based on the novel Gypsy in Amber by Martin Cruz Smith

Originally broadcast as the pilot, the film received respectable reviews but was not picked up as a series. Subsequent rebroadcasts changed the name to Roman Grey: The Art of Crime.

Ron Liebman stars as Roman Grey, a noted New York City antique dealer who is of Gypsy blood but raised in the modern world. Now he walks a tightrope between two worlds, living among the Rom while struggling to help the Gaja. The discovery of a murder victim among a shipment of antiques leads to the truck driver, a fellow Gypsy Nanoosh Pulneshti, being accused of the murder. Roman avoids bloodshed during a police standoff by convincing his friend to surrender by vowing a blood oath to solve the murder himself.

Roman heads to Boston to meet with Beckwith Sloan, the antique dealers who owned the antiques in Nanoosh's truck. Now, Roman finds his skills, honed in both worlds, put to the test as he is plunged into a world of art fraud, family feuds, the genteel ruthlessness of moneyed gentry and murder.

David plays Parker Sharon, an attorney from an old Boston family. He is engaged to Hillary Sloan, daughter of renown Boston antique collector/dealer Beckwith Sloan. It is apparent from the first meeting that Parker may have his own agenda, and after Hillary is killed by her own horse, Roman suspects there's more going on than meets the eye. He returns to New York to discover his Gaja girlfriend Dany has been abducted. Now, in the winter darkness of an abandoned Coney Island fortuneteller's storefront, the Gypsy art dealer must defeat the murderous Bostonian.