David & Meredith BaxterCast

David Hedison - Professor Roger Edmonds
Meredith Baxter - Rena Carter
Stuart Whitman - Police Lt. Marco
Gale Sondergaard - Hester Black

Made for TV Movie

Originally Broadcast
December 11, 1973, on ABC
75 minutes

Not available on video

Director - Curtis Harrington
Teleplay - Robert Bloch
Story by -  Douglas S. Cramer & Wilford Lloyd Baumes and Robert Bloch

An Egyptian mummy and a solid gold amulet are stolen from a private collection. A police detective and an Egyptologist frantically search for the stolen artifacts. They soon discover that they are always one step behind a mysterious killer who is killing those who come in contact with the missing amulet. Each victim is found scratched and bitten to death, as if by a giant cat, and then drained of blood. Is it a madman or is it something else...

The Cat Creature was producer Doug Cramer's attempt at an homage to classic horror films, by updating Val Lewton's classic 1942 film Cat People. In his autobiography, screenplay writer Robert Bloch recalled finally convincing Cramer that a remake wouldn't work, and instead suggested a plot based on the Egyptian cat goddess Bast. Adding to the homage to classic horror are cast costars and cameos by notable actors of the genre: Gale Sondergaard, John Carradine, Milton Parsons and. Peter Lorre Jr. David, of course, had done horror in The Fly. Stuart Whitman had also done horror films at that time. Even newcomer Meredith Baxter had a horror film to her credits. But of special note is the appearance of Kent Smith as an appraiser - Smith had been one of the leads in the original Cat People.

 Three years later, David and Meredith would again play love interests. David would appear in two episodes of the TV series Family as Meredith's "older" boyfriend.


The ABC Movie of the Week Companion
with commentary by David Hedison
on The Cat Creature.

David's comments are on page 73 and 74. 

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