To the entertainment world on two continents, I am Victor Sebastian, theatrical agent.

These are my offices, but the business I'm about to transact can never appear on the company's books, not if I'm to survive.

As it so happens, I'm another kind of agent. Counter-espionage.

My employer: The United States government, although sometimes I pose as its enemy.

My Code name: Five Fingers.

List of Episodes and Airdates

01.  Station Break     10-03-59
02. Dossier     10-10-59
03.  Moment of Truth  10-17-59
04. The Unknown Town    10-24-59
05.  The Man with the Triangle Heads  10-31-59
06.  The Assassin         11-07-59
07.  The Man Who Got Away        11-14-59
08. The Emerald Curtain  11-21-59
09. Temple of the Swinging Doll      11-28-59
10. Final Dream  12-05-59
11.  Thin Ice      12-19-59
12. Operation Ramrod  12-26-59
13. The Judas Goat        01-02-60
14. Search for Edvard Stoyan    01-09-60
15. A Shot in the Dark These episodes aired only in syndication.
16. Counterfeit


"I'm happy that everyone connected with my series is dedicated to their work.  The producer, Herbert Swope, has been wonderful to me -- he's a man of great taste and working with him has given me invaluable experience.
Luciana, who co-stars with me, has really got "it" and I predict great things for her in the months to come.
The scripts have been exciting and I've enjoyed each role immensely."
David Hedison  -1959

David with Luciana and his Producer Herbert Swope, Jr.
David, Luciana and Herbert Swope.

David Hedison thinks Five Fingers is a series of many things, -- roles, names and languages.  
"And one of the roles I play is liar to a pretty girl. I like [that] I don't play the same role all the time, although I do preserve an identity as Victor Sebastian, theatrical agent.  I'm supposed to be [that], most of the time. I'm something of a private eye. I'm a counteragent. And a liar. I like this variety."  
  Five Fingers is a good example of a TV show killed before it's time.  "I returned from a Christmas Vacation to report for the 17th show.  I was told I didn't need to come in because the series was cancelled."
"The show had done me a lot of good, working with people like Viveca Lindfors and Monty Wooley and Eva Gabor was great experience.  But it was also tough work"
"The show [became] very popular in Australia and the fan mail [was] immense."
Blurb from the October 3, 1959 premiere:
"Five Fingers" ... code name for America's top counter-intelligence agent, master of espionage and split-second action.  In the shadowy world of international intrigue, he stalks and is stalked by his countries' enemies in chilling undercover battles of a grim Cold War.   Full hour thriller starring David Hedison.  Introducing lovely Luciana Paluzzi.  Tonight's guest stars: Eva Gabor, Mike Romanoff, Greta Keller. 9:30-10.30 PM  
- Courtesy NBC Publicity Department 


"My co-star is a little doll from Italy, so pretty and sweet.   She is teaching me Italian on the set."

"... just as we were being served coffee [at the 20th Century Fox commissary] David Hedison and Luciana Paluzzi came in and took the next table.  Gardner McKay  jumped up to greet the brown-eyed Italian beauty.  When [she and Gardner] put their heads together and whispered laughingly, Hedison  playfully pushed McKay aside and made like a jealous suitor..."

Courtesy of Linda Delaney David with his girlfriend, Luba Bodine.

"What's between those two," I asked a studio exec. "Some say there is and some say here isn't," he replied. "But I know this: she's a popular girl around here.  And in working with her in the "Five Fingers" [TV] series Hedison seems mighty happy..."

"We turned to wave as Hedison and Miss Paluzzi got up and headed back to their sound stage. Her red hair bobbed as she laughed at something David was telling her."

And now a word from David's co-star, Luciana Paluzzi...

"What kind of girl am I? In this episode, he's [Victor] in Mexico. And I turn up in Mexico. Next time, he's in Venice. And I'm in Venice! But we are not married! What do I do - live in sin??

We see each other every time in the series but he is always like a young lohver [sic] -- he is still looking!"

She made her debut at age 15 in Three Coins in the Fountain. She considers Sea Fury her best part to date. Now at 21, her career is moving upward. "I never had such a big luck [sic], but maybe it's good -- keep improving. All my life, I dream to be a naval engineer when I grow up. You know, naval engineer? To build boats? Not little boats, big big boats. I love boats all my life, but you know a fonny [sic] thing. I can't swim."

August 24, 1959

David and Luciana Paluzzi Courtesy of Linda Delaney Courtesy of Linda Delaney Courtesy of Linda Delaney