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"I don't know why I waited such a long time," he says of marrying at 41.  "I just fell in love with her."  Then we got married, and everybody said, "Don't have children right away." Well, three months later she was pregnant with our first.  We planned to have two kids close together -- I wanted two daughters and she wanted two sons, so I got my wish."  -- David Hedison  1991

Albert David Hedison, Jr., 1933

David and his daughters, Alexandra (left) and
Serena, pose for the annual Christmas card photo. 1973.

From left: Serena, Bridget, his father Albert, Alexandra, David, and his mother, Rose. c. 1974

Family Christmas Card

Rose and Albert visit their son on the set of Murder in Peyton Place

David and his wife Bridget with Bridget's mother. 1977

David's daughters, Alexandra (left) and Serena, with their Grandmother, Rose. 1977

Chapter Two Tour
David, his mother Rose and Anita Gillette
Chicago 1979

The Love Boat ("The Role Model")
 David and his wife Bridget
enjoying the sights during the cruise
to Greece during the episode filming. 1981

Marriage-Go-Round Tour
David with his mother Rose

David and Bridget

Christmas, c. 1982  

David and Bridget
David and his daughters, Alexandra (left) and Serena. 1993.

David and Bridget
New York, 1995

David and Bridget
David's 2005 Christmas Memories